Geelong Patchwork and Quilters Guild wish to acknowledge and thank our generous sponsors:

Heights Sewing Centre


Bendigo Bank

City of Greater Geelong

National Wool Museum


Please find following all the information and entry forms required for the Guild Exhibition in September 2023.

It’s all here in the one place for ease of use!

The Guild acknowledges our non attending members, who are a valued and important part of us and our community.  We would like to encourage participation with the Challenge and Quilt Exhibition from these members too.

Please contact the Guild Exhibition Committee if we can be of assistance.

Lyn Weeks                    Deb Read

Carole Bosna                Heather Grant

Bronwyn Drehlich       Pam Planner

Margaret Tembo.


Please include a 4 x 6 inch coloured photo of your quilt with your entry form. On the back of your photo print your name and the name of the quilt. Use an arrow to indicate the top of the quilt.


  1. Each quilt needs to have a 4” (10cm) sleeve.

  2. Each quilt must be submitted in a SEPARATE cloth bag with your name and the name of the quilt clearly printed on the front.

  3. Tha absolute maximum size of any quilt is 96 inches width and 100 inches height.

Quilts are to be delivered to the Geelong West Town Hall via carpark entry on Friday September 22nd between 10 -11am.

Quilts are to be collected from the same entrance on Sunday 24th September between 6 – 7pm.

Photographs will be taken of the quilts and may be used for publicity and promotion of Geelong Patchwork and Quilters Guild.

Public liability for the hall does not cover quilts.

It is your responsibility to collect or make arrangements for someone to collect your quilts.

Exhibition Entry Form (pdf version)
Challenge Entry Form (pdf version)